This is a no-brainer about a no-brainer, specifically aimed at those with no brain.

The process is that if you don’t have the truthful or the moral high ground, you have to deflect the probing questions.

To do so, you issue a slogan.

Nanny State, Fart Tax, Tax Cuts, Dole Bludger, The Economy, Economic Recovery, Green Shoots, Free Market………

Then you repeat them, ad nauseum.

This works for you – you don’t have to think too hard.

It works for the media – neither do they.

It works for Joe Sixpack – he’s cranially at full-noise by this time anyway.

Thus we currently have a government on 60% approval rating, based entirely on a narrow ideology, delivered via the Sainsburys of this world, in two-word bursts.

Was it John Pilger who wrote “tell me no lies”?

A recent ODT Editorial (the three R’s)  falls squarely into this trap – citing the OECD without explaining /evaluating /justifying why, then making assumptions about ‘the economy’, and assuming the system will be there long enough for the kids to become ‘bricks in the wall’. Meanwhile being articulate and intelligent. It’s a weird thing, and has us physics types talking regularly, of:

Cognitive Dissonance.         Touche……..

Beware the two-worder – it wouldn’t be used if it weren’t covering something.

Good day.   (see what I mean?)


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