Rodney Hide and water privatisation

Place you bets folks. The heavyweight in the yellow colours is second favourite, and they’ve just forced the compulsory taking of a DNA swab from the favourite. They won’t place charges (don’t need to), but he could be off-course during the running of the race. If his trainer protests, he in turn will be secretly photographed, databased, and DNA swabbed too. It just happened that his adoptive great-uncle twice removed had a twin brother (deceased) who was suspected of being a texting driver….

Anyone who saw the interview of the CEO of Nestle, at the Film Festival a couple of years back, will be very nervous. The idea is that water is not a ‘right’, it’s a ‘commodity’, to be traded like anything else. To those who can’t afford it, he suggested working harder…..    (presumably not working up a sweat in the process, but)

I guess it’s one way to reduce the population to sustainable levels, and I guess at some point it had to get ugly. Perhaps thirst is a better way than war, pandemic, or starvation. Maybe Rodney’s onto it.

The come-back, as always, is ‘nationalisation’. Either we buy back the needed public infrastructure (as in Rail) or (and it’s more likely if fiscal systems collapse) we commandeer it. Given that the displaced will always outnumber the displacers, and by a goodly margin, we have the vote if we have the clear-and-clean  information.

No wonder the removal of private voices from the RMA process, and the upping of police powers. This showdown will come –  it’s two trains converging on the same track – and it will make the Waterfront confrontations and Patu look like junior curtain-raisers. Survival of the fittest, and it may indeed end up as a contest of brawn.

With one question – if the fiscal system crashes, will they hang onto the ownership? At what expense of effort? And why?

There aren’t enough at the top of the pyramid to drink it all…



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