Afternoons on RNZ – Lord Stern – what a saddie

So there we had it – “on the panel” ….Richard Griffen and Jock Anderson. Mediating Jim Mora. And – wait for it, the ring-in is Federated Farmer’s Don Nicolson.

So the’s four in one corner…….

And in the other?

Balanced and objective reporting, it was not.

For the record, Lord Stern is an intelligent, informed, caring and worried man.

He knows about peak energy, desertification and drought, and about a projected 9 billion. He knows it won’t happen. He also knows that the best humanitarian way to address the problem, is to promote the mose efficient trnsfer of edible energy – and grain-to-stomach-via-meat is not it.

I eat (and love) meat, so this is not a personal bias, just a dispassionate take on the chemical/physical reality.

The gang of four failed.Why?

Griffen isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, although he’s nice enough. He was the one who stated “the Arabs know they’re running out of oil, so they’re diversifying (into bidding for Auckland Airport, it was). Duh. What would be flying in, powered by what?

Anderson just sounds like a wally to me – don’t know him beyond that.

Nicolson is the worst kind of full-speed-ahead’er, in my opinion dumb, and in my opinion, unable to get informed. A mantra person in the Tom Pearce mould.

For Mora to put that bias together was bad reporting, done from the base of his own personal bias. I have had an occasional exchange with Jim, and went through OBHS a year behind him. I would have said that at the time, he looked like middle-of-the -road Labour. What has happened in the interim to make him go so far right, is interesting conjecture, but should be irrelevant. My last exchange – tellingly – had him replying “you can’t know that” (t’was about limits to growth, as I recall). I reckon that after thirty years of investigation, I might be just a little more qualified to judge….

Good reportage – and the Panel purports to be reportage – should have a ‘devil’s advocate and a debate – should never ever reduce itself to the sarcastic, sanctimonious demonstration we got on Friday. Middle-class denial of anything which might spoil the latte is understandable, but inexcusable in a forum such as this. Getting hold of Lord Stern, or someone who could have explainge his rationale, would have been a good start.

Shame on you Jim.  Report card says:  Should do better.


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