BERL REPORT – fromage and limestone…

There is a BERL report out that increases the ‘spin’ in some respects, and says a couple of good things too.

The claim that we’re concentrating too much on ‘carbon trading’ is incorrect, in that it has the direct potential to kill our children. Nick Smith’s follow-up on Morning Report jumped on the inevitable bleat “we onl;y produce a small percentage of the world’s emissions, therefore we don’t make a difference, and it will hurt us economically.

Per-head, we do worst than most, and we should have the balls to front up to that.

Economics, of course, is a shaky ground to stand on now anyway – a doomed construct, as we can see now. If you remember the spinning-tops of your childhood, they slowed down, got a wobble on, recovered, then went into a terminal wobble, and fell over. I reckon we’re in the ‘recovery’ phase, and starting to wobble again…..

BERL’s comments about too much addressing of the waste stream, with a diminishing-returns outcome, are right. It has been a ‘feel good’ outlet for our collective guilt, but was never an effective answer, as it does nothing about reducing actual consumption. Indeed, you could argue that it – by easing the consuming conscience – it may even encourage consumption.

And I’ve got no problem with addresing water quality and biodiversity, because if you actually got those onto a sustainable footing (got the Hectors Dolphin numbers up to ‘stable’, for instance) you’d be a long way to where we have to go.

But they’re wrong on that climate change – it will impact the biodiversity, and the water quality (volume, if nothing else, which means dilution) in a way that means it has to be addressed, or there is no point in working on the other two.

The timing (of this release) smells more than the water……


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