Tuesday’s links

I notice this mentioned on ‘interest.co.nz – so there’s some thinking folk over there.


and this from ‘the Oil Drum



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  1. The Automatic Earth is informed and compelling reading. The editors, Ilargi and Stoneleigh, are critical reviewers of the Main Stream Media and blogsphere. Ilargi has the ability to weave a story out the moment’s events and pronouncements, backed by a powerful intellect when connecting research together.

    Stoneleigh is the more Peak Oil friendly of the two, and I understand that she started as a commentator on the The Oil Drum before some sort of falling out. The recent (Oct 09) Denver APSO conference seemed to mark a reaproachment of sorts with the TOD staff, with her latest missive on deflation being given prime billing in TOD.

    The Automatic Earth is a casandra blog like many others, but distinguishes itself with greater critical analysis of financial, economic and political trends. They favour the proposition of a fast crash soon followed by a very messy aftermath. Quite frankly, I sometimes find it too scary and need to take a rest for a few days (maybe do some recreational shopping for greentech gear …). But, after that the craving sets in and I’m reading every page once more!

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