Finally – Time to blog…..

Time – it’s been a bit hard to come by lately…..  I did two all-day seminars last week, one on energy, one on media/environment. In between times, I had to finish an article, start another…… Then all day Saturday and half of Sunday went to sailing…

The seminars were interesting, and worrying. A presenter (a Prof, no less, and an IEA persona) gave us the IEA’s ‘Slide 7″, and did so straight-faced. For those new to here, it contains a wedge in red, labelled:  ‘yet to be discovered oil’.  The interesting things about that are two – the discovery of oilfields peaked (clearly) in 1964. The factual backing for that red wedge is nil – but there we had a Prof, a nice and presumably intelligent man, who owns trees but no car – touting horseshit.


Cognitive dissonance?

I was about to ‘get into him’, in a way his academic equals presumably can’t, old boy. Then I had a change of heart, and fudged it with a question about ERoEI. The reason? I think the rest of his message – about climate change, and the need to alter our lifestyles – was absolutely correct. Having the truth out about Slide 7, wasn’t going to help his cred in that important regard. We simply can’t afford in-fighting at this stage.

Pretty frustrating, though. That wedge is the only one in the graph not constructed with a bezier curve/splining/fairing. If you home in on it’s interface, it is hand-pixelled, with the odd backslash. It also lacks the ‘print-through’ you get with layer-cake graphs (see : campbell 2004 scenario).

Still and all, it’s not good to see a Prof touting horseshit.

Relevantly, the media/environment seminar two days later, dealt with truths, and their similar misrepresentation. Some good and perceptive media folk there – the Ecoligic lady, Rod Oram, and an intelligent audience.

My epithany there came when Jinty MacTavish gave her presentation. Young? yes. Nervous? At first. Born Leader? You betcha. The thing is, I was like her once. I thought I could change the world, and understood that it had to be . I protested, waved placards, lobbied. I have ended up pessimistic. Like Jeanette Fitzsimmons and other venerable environmental intellects, I thingk the planet is stuffed. Watching the timelines, and the worse-than-inaction, I think we have run completely out of time, and show no cognisance of the fact.

Jinty, of course, has a life to live. She doesn’t want to hear doom and gloom, and I don’t blame her. I’ll keep her in mind, and make sure that the positive things I demonstrate, remain positive. Might be time to ‘up the ante’, too. Time this country had a simple, easy to understand book, perhaps as simple as a Seuss one, about what we are facing.

Makes me feel tired already!

Here’s a goodie from old Albert Bartlett:


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  1. re: the simple Dr Suess book… I hope you are refering to “the Lorax” and not the “the Sneeches”.

    I tink we have nearly had enough of the ‘star on star off machine’!…

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