Radio New Zealand, Greens, EECA, Brownlee and Co

Biggest news yesterday was the Greens withdrawing from the Energy Conservation agreement with the Nats. Almost certainly, Gerry Brownlee’s new ‘Energy Strategy’ will be all about growth. Growth in supply of electricity, growth in consumption, and growth in taxpayer funding of the infrastructure, subsidising big industry.

This doesn’t fit with Energy Conservation, so it was a certainty that EECA and the rationale behind it, were under threat. The Greens, in agreement, were honour-bound to keep mum about the negotiations, and had to await same. If the lead party (the Nats in this case) doesn’t do the negotiation bit, while meantime setting up the rort, they have effectively just sidelined the Greens.

Clearly, the Greens had had enough, and would have been aware what is coming. We are going to get ‘public works’ type call-ins for wind-farms and lignite, and maybe even for oil and coal under Conservation land. You have to understand that these are desperate men, that the deck is tilting under them, and that they are barren of other ideas.

That Energy Conservation was going to be included in that, will only be as an afterthought/token gesture, or by way of mentioning it’s demise (or more likely, throttling via lack of funding).

I hope the media reports the Greens comments now they’ve unfettered themselves, but don’t count on it. After all, did you hear a decent investigation of it on Morning Report? No effing way, as another MP would say….

A further interesting lack of comparative with Radio New Zealand and Morning Report this morning: The Sustainability Council pointed out (rightly) that the subsidy proposed in Nick Smith’s Emissions Trading Bill, is the biggest rort (sorry, subsidy) of the taxpayer, ever. Even equated it with the total Health cost.

Then Morning Report spends an ocean of time discussing interest on student loans. Where’s the relativity?  Worse, we then have ‘news’ about public servant bonuses. Same comment. Discussing pennies while the pounds threaten to blow away. Weighting required. Are they cognitively dissonant too?

Makes you wonder whether the gene pool on the way up the left-hand side of the Hubbert Curve, has created a mindset which doesn’t adapt to – or recognise – a depletion regime. I’m going to start a new religion, based on the concept of ‘Unintelligent Design’.

Grrrrr hisssssss Mumble F……..

Below is a little excerpt from an OILDRUM discussion. Interesting take on cognitive dissonance vs political propaganda!  I don’t think they’re that ‘on to it’. I go with cognitive dissonance, collective.

My experience with the local City Council, and my suspicion about Sec. Chu, etc., is that they are far from stupid or ignorant about these matters– they know perfectly well what is going on, and they know that if the bubble isn’t kept inflated we are all doomed.

It appears that their hope is to reduce expectations faster than credit and energy supplies evaporate so that a “soft landing” can be achieved, and general social chaos avoided.

It looks to me like they are succeeding pretty well. The “stock market” is up, the Bear Stearns guys got off by a jury of their peers, people are driving to work if they have jobs, or are staying home watching TV if they don’t. No sign of unrest out there.

The whole post has some excellent graphs, and is well worth some study, as are the comments, which also have some interesting graphs:


Have a good day folks, there’s apparently green shoots everywhere, I’m off to water some of ours, and mow some others.

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