Maori, Maori Party, Forestry, Conservation Estate.

Here we go – the thing we first saw happening unter Labour from 1984. It goes like this: we want to get the stuff currently in public ownership, into private hands. (This is the issue of ‘the tragedy of the commons’). It would be unpalatable to just sell it to (in those days) Fay and Richwhite, but if you can give it to Maori (via the Tribunal or legislation) then it’s out in the public arena.

Presumably the Maori will mismanage it, de-value it, and it can then be picked up for a song.

The process hasn’t stopped. The foreshore is prime real estate. It will go to a select few for McMansions, via Maori ownership. You see, these folk know the truth – wealth trickles up, not down. Anyone not believing that, remember the 20% (leaked to a select few) devaluation straight after the ’84 election. The taxpayer just got poorer.

So this is a continuation of that process; Maori will get to plant forest (pinus radiata for sure) on ‘marginal’ (who decides that -Groser?) DoC land. It effectively takes the land out of public ownership, and makes it ‘productive’.

That said, they won’t get very far. By the time the plantings happen, other things have overtaken them – like peak oil, peak resources, and an almost inevitable fiscal crash. You have to wonder whether to urge them on – whether a hastened crash will leave us a better planet than a slowly-crashed one, which gives them time to trash every corner…..

If there is one thing I want to do – perhaps above all others – it’s to write the history of this juncture. Some folk – Nick Smith and Tim Groser to the fore – need to be named and shamed, for the history to be true, in my opinion. It would take a chunk out of life which could have been used for ‘me’, but it will have to be done.

A last thought – all arguing about ‘costs of an ETS’ is from the mentally-held basis of ‘Business as Usual’. That is the one scenario that we won’t have – guaranteed.


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