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FMagyar on November 18, 2009 – 8:39am Permalink | Subthread | Parent | Comments top

Unfortunately I’m still having problems with the “settings” software because it keeps producing 747s instead of just kerosene.

OMG, It sounds like you may have been infected with the infamous Dembski virus of tornados blowing through junk yards and creating 747s. This is usually caused by an ID 10 T error
Or by some denialist or creationist hacker hijacking your machine and trying to use it to create a denial of service attack in Iraq.

To fix this you are going to need to upgrade your OS to Windows 777 (coming soon) and then apply a software patch available for download direct from CERA’s website called BAU 2030.

Then you need to add the latest hardware version of Abiotic’s FF Infinity, it’s a plug and play black box that connects either wirelessly or via USB port to your computer.
No software is needed for this addon it just produces pure kerosene right out of the box.

You will also need to download and install the latest printer driver with the new user friendly control panel. This will give you the option for printing kerosene lanterns instead of 747’s, Once the lights go out you will find them much more useful.

Should you need technical support for this procedure just wish for it and we will call you.
Really, we will!


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