Climate deniers and leaked emails.

Why don’t we see good media exposing this?

Science is always investigating – thus theories. The problem is that disbelievers (those with a vested interest in disproof) latch onto the word ‘theory’, as if it is proof that it is false.

Thus Darwin’s hypothesis – which has rightly been modified in the light of the empirical gaining of knowledge – has proven to be substantively correct. Because it was called – rightly – a ‘theory’,  those (religious zealouts et al) with a need to have it ‘disproven’, decided that it wan’t fact – OR ANYWHERE NEAR IT.

No scientist puts up something and says “this is settled”. They put up a hypothesis, and defend it using best known data.

If it emerges from that round unscathed, it goes on. In light of further research (genome for instance) it gets modified. In the case of Darwin, the underlying basis has only been increasingly validated with time.

There are a host of dumb bunnies out there at present, trying to attatch such scientific challenging of theory, as if it is straight out disproof.

That’s real dumb. Real ignorant.

But what do you expect from bunnies?

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