Australian Liberal Party – and the sun is shining…

Short post this morning, sun is shining and Zeb and I are off into the garden…

Fascinating amchinations over the Tassie yesterday. My contact says big money behind the moves, and big stakes. This was a push that makes Peter Shirtcliffe’s effort (to bias our voting system to business advantage) look like Kindy.

Abbott is a lightweight – you can hear it in his voice – not good enough to go the distance. He – interestingly – says he ‘gets’ the science, so we can expect something from him, sometime after Xmas, and before Rudd re-puts the ETS vor approval.

Expect to see more floor-crossers, and perhaps a Green deal with the Govt. Don’t expect Abbott to last long.

Ultimately, Rudd’s effort isn’t enough, nor is anybody’s. We will see a ramp-up in short order, which will overtake and render obsolete, all the current ETS attempts.

I’m a bit more concerned with how much of the ‘commons’ will be left public, at that point. Clearly, resource constraints (and opportunity constraints) are creating a scrap over what’s left. In the past, they’d have used swords – but this time round fiscal muscle seems to be the weapon. At some point, you have to challenge that – either by attempting to win over minds, or by physical protest. I’ve always favoured the former.

Meantime, we’re off to hang out the washing, chase tennis-balls down the paddock, and do some gardening. Another post later – brain may be in gear…..


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