an Eco-Hutting we will go…

I’ve been having  a ball these last few weeks. The Port School kids wanted to have a go at the Eco-Hut challenge.

Guess who got roped in – and I’ve been thoroughly surprised, it’s become the high-point of my week!

You get to know the kids, of course, and they’re a great bunch. Willing workers, enthusiastic, thinking about it….

They chose straw-bale, which I have no experience of – and to make matters interesting, they have a $100 budget. We’re up to $13 so far, thanks to a lot of generous folk (I won’t thank them here – the kids and the School will do that in their own way). It’s been a ton of fun. A priviledge, really.

You can see what we’ve been up to on the School website:

As I write this, the mesh-covering of the bales, and the plastering photos, are not up, so keep visiting.


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