Morning Report and Afternoons on RNZ – off to an abject start.

Here we go, and there they wented. No better from Plunket or Mora. We have Dick Smith (no idiot) calling for a curb on Aussie population, and explaining why. It made the news for about two hours, then dropped. Morning Report calls Phil-with-the-greek-name in Australia, and have the potential to go with it using an obviously intelligent agent. They dropped the ball – indeed never picked it up.

All we got was light weight entertainment-level stuff. Smith was on about the Titanic, they were oblivious to the sinking. Good on yer, Sean. Could do better.

Then Mora, he of the obvious bias re Climate Change. His Panel with a Law Prof was a doozy. Surely, they do say that in academia, you get to know more and more, about less and less, until you know everything about f— all.

That Prof didn’t do maths as part of his degree, that’s for sure. The lead-time for precaution wasn’t mentioned, no logistics anywhere. Mora has been transparently obvious for a while (does he have political aspirations?) with his comments about Gore’s mansion and travels, etc, but there is no excuse for the conduct of Mondays Panel.

I’m going to take all three (mentioned above) to task, but not today. Today is sunny and the boat is not ready for the Masters Games. One must always get one’s priorities right.

This years goal is to make those folk address the growth issue. Watch this space.


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