Otago Daily Times – an ‘F’ ?

The following is something I just shot off to the ODT website. You can guarantee it won’t make the light of day in that form – for the reasons it contains!!!!

Thwe John de Bueger opinion piece in the ODT (mentioned) is a cracker – but where was the assimilation with the Loughrey piece?  Ne’er the twain shall meet, maybe?  No comprende?

when is it criminal?


Submitted by murrayg on Mon, 01/03/2010 – 10:30am.

The Mayor, and the Councillors, and Jim Harland, have all had it explained to them, how the energy which underwrites economic activity, is peaking in supply.

This in turn peaks economic ability to repay debt, which means that this is a simple case of intergenerational fraud.

On the basis that ignorance – even more than arrogance – is no excuse, these folk are guilty of that fraud, and I for one have given them enough rope.

I now call their actions criminal.

Mr Loughrey (or those above him who call the shots) is similarly guilty. He was present when Associate Prof Bob Lloyd (Physics) addressed a meeting last year, speaking of growth, energy and what would inevitably happen.

This was serious information which society had a right to debate – and I knew as I listened, that it would be obfuscated. I communicated with Mr Loughrey and a senior ODT persona, but the content of that address never saw the light of day.

Thats Goebbels territory – propaganda by omission.

We shouldn’t have to rely on John de Bueger opinion pieces to raise the subject.

Time someone raised their game.


Gerry Brownlee – thrice shall you deny me before the cock crows…

Just a quick comment this morning – my day (and the whole week) have been too full.

What a laugh! Gerry Brownlee – three times sequentially, talking about Phil Heatley’s resignation.

“He’s done what he thinks is in his own best interests”.

Three times he said it, no bull – Morning Report it was.

Nothing about personal integrity. Nothing about doing the right thing. Nothing about reinforcing public confidence in their representatives. Just “his own best interests”.

What a classic example of a morally bankrupt regime.

Thrice shall you deny me before the cock crows ?

I couldn’t have put it better, so here it is:

From Times Online
February 22, 2010

‘Buy farmland and gold,’ advises Dr Doom

Leo Lewis, Asia Business Correspondent
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The world’s most powerful investors have been advised to buy farmland, stock up on gold and prepare for a “dirty war” by Marc Faber, the notoriously bearish market pundit, who predicted the 1987 stock market crash.

The bleak warning of social and financial meltdown, delivered today in Tokyo at a gathering of 700 pension and sovereign wealth fund managers.

Dr Faber, who advised his audience to pull out of American stocks one week before the 1987 crash and was among a handful who predicted the more recent financial crisis, vies with the Nouriel Roubini, the economist, as a rival claimant for the nickname Dr Doom.

Speaking today, Dr Faber said that investors, who control billions of dollars of assets, should start considering the effects of more disruptive events than mere market volatility.


“The next war will be a dirty war,” he told fund managers: “What are you going to do when your mobile phone gets shut down or the internet stops working or the city water supplies get poisoned?”

His investment advice, which was the first keynote speech of CLSA’s annual investment forum in Tokyo, included a suggestion that fund managers buy houses in the countryside because it was more likely that violence, biological attack and other acts of a “dirty war” would happen in cities.

He also said that they should consider holding part of their wealth in the form of precious metals “because they can be carried”.

One London-based hedge fund manager described Mr Faber’s address as “excellent, chilling stuff: good at putting you off lunch, but not something I can tell clients asking me about quarterly returns at the end of March”.

Dr Faber did offer a few more traditional investment tips, although their theme fitted his general mode of pessimism.

In Asia, particularly, he said, stock pickers should play on future food and water shortages by buying into companies with exposure to agriculture and water treatment technologies.

One of Dr Faber’s darker scenarios involves growing military tension between China and the United States over access to limited oil resources.

Today the US has a considerable advantage over China because it has free access to oceans on both coasts, and has potential energy suppliers to the north and south in Canada and Mexico.

It also commands an 11-strong fleet of aircraft carriers that could, if necessary, secure supply routes in a conflict situation.

China and emerging Asia, meanwhile, face the uncertainty of supplies that must travel from the Middle East through winding sea lanes and the Malacca bottleneck.

American military presence in Central Asia, Dr Faber said, may add to the level of concern in Beijing.

“When I tell people to prepare themselves for a dirty war, they ask me: “America against whom?” I tell them that for sure they will find someone.”

At the heart of Dr Faber’s argument is a fundamentally gloomy view on the US economy and its capacity to service a growing mountain of debt.

His belief, fund managers were told, is that the US is going to go bankrupt.

Under President Obama, he said, the country’s annual fiscal deficit will not drop below $1 trillion and could rise beyond that figure.

Arch bears have predicted that US debt repayments could hit 35 per cent of tax revenues within ten years.

Dr Faber believes that the ratio could easily hit 50 per cent in the same time frame.

Heatley and Mauis? Run little dolphins, run.

Their wealth – which is the way they bolster their flawed egos – is much more important than your species continued existence.

Run little Mauis, run.

on kids and adventure – this is a good parent…


…..there are good folk everywhere. With good set of social values.

Obama nuclear Chu

That was inevitable. Stephen Chu was always about nuclear, America was always in a pickle, and Obama needs a way out.

That country didn’t go into Iraq for WMD, it went for the oil – currently let or being let. All purported 12 million barrels per day of it.

That is the real game, despite most NZ reporters not getting it. That is all of what is happening in Georgia, and Afghanistan. It’s all about oil. Without energy, you are stuffed. Period.

So the next best line is nuclear – and for Chu,it probably ticks the climate-change box too.

Oddly enough, it won’t get on line soon enough to save them. They have to go to war sooner than that. At which point, all bets are off.

Still and all, it’s probably the best card they had to play from a weak-and-getting-weaker hand.

Censorship by any other name. Jonathan Coleman. RNZ

It had to happen. Think it through. These – in my opinion – are dumb people. Three of them showed that yesterday – Tolley and Bennet in Parliament, Key linguistically re security threats to sport.

Their message, indeed their whole approach, is mathematically-provably flawed. So there can be two reasons for their actions – one is that they are arrogant enough to put down debate or challenge. The other (less likely) is that they know their argument doesn’t hold water, and want to stifle debate or challenge.

There aren’t many good forums for questioning left. The Listener is a joke these days, people like Sainsbury are little more than buffoons, and we have a whole generation now who have done ‘economics’ but not history, geography or even social studies. Thanks to the first dumbing down in the Prebble-Douglas wave.

So – you gag the forums which may be a problem. Of course, you don’t call it that. You introduce ‘sponsors’, which immediately skews the mind-set to ‘business’. You screw the funding, with alarmist figures in millions, and alarmist figures of increases in staffing. And you threaten the board to fall into line, or fall on their swords.

Germany in the ‘thirties’ was thus. No bull. Don’t think it couldn’t happen here?

This is the last gasp of a flawed regime – and the appraisal, investigation and projections of that need to be had. It doesn’t want folk like Kim Hill, Chris Laidlaw and Bryan Crump loose in the mix – although they are no doubt happy with Mora, and Mornings has become pretty wishy-washy too.

Regardless, this is a direct assault on free and frank public debate.

As such, it constituted repression, thus qualifies as propaganda.

It’s not a very long bow to draw.

The irony, Jonathan, is that it too late. Despite optimism, rhetoric and effort worldwide, it’s all over. Your assumptions were wrong – fatally flawed – and no amount of gagging will change that.

It’s not uncommon historically for those who suggest that commonly-held views are wrong, to be persecuted. Crucifiction and burning at the stake have gone somewhat out of fashion, but removing the questioners has not.

The ultimate irony, is that I reckon RNZ is already off the pace. I’ve hassled all programmes this last year, and only look like having to step up the ‘ante’.

They, too, aren’t addressing the big question – and if they don’t, who will?