A curse on both their Houses – Growth, Key and Goff

This week we are going to be lambasted with two pieces of nonsense, from two seriously deluded ‘leaders’. 60% of us voted for this lot, and many of those who supported Labour, are deluded too.

You cannot have economic growth indefinitely, while it remains linked to extraction of resources. The biggest failure is currently that of the New Zealand media, in that there has been no attempt to ascertain whether growth is sustainable, and what the repercussions of attempting to do so, are.

Whether the media are just of average intellect, whether they are in personal denial (through religious adhesions or through having a mortgage) or whether the post-’84 brainwashing has intruded to the point of completion, is up for discussion. To a reporter, they ignore it. No attempt is made to ascertain whether the goal is either attainable, or desirable, and what the outcome will be.

That is sub-standard reportage, im my opinion. In the ‘substandard bracket I firmly put Patrick O’Mara (Nat Radio/ business) Tim Hunter (Sunday Star Times) and Dene McKenzie (ODT business). In the general sphere, it includes Morning Report, too, and Nat radio News.

To accept something sans query, is to fail your first obligation as part of the fourth estate.

This week, both major party leaders will make speeches – both promoting ‘growth’. Neither will be challenged. Which is tantamount to regurgitating their propaganda, and which is why the propaganda is spun – it’s a catch-22. Helen Clark, some time ago, raised the goal of ‘sustainability’. She will go down in history (if society is  intact enough to record anything)  as the first NZ leader to express such sentiments. She then went silent. It’s not hard to work out why: polling suggested it to be a path of political death. Given that almost all public appraisal of the social desirability of future goals is formed via media comment, the failure is theirs.

There will always be intellectual lightweights (and/or selfish ego types) who will push unsustainable agendas. We rely on the Fourth Estate to appraise and evaluate such.

They fail us, in what is the biggest test out species has ever faced.

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