The Key dilemma

There goes the nub of the problem. You give the populace unrealistic expectations, and if you go anywhere near reality, you find that the polls go negative.

Surprise surprise. We’ve been hoist with their own petard. Growth at all costs, exponential growth no problem – then you hit the inevitable wall. A final bubble of baby-boomers moving through. A peaking of supply of essential resources. An exponential increase in global consumption, thus of competition. An inability, over the hump, to repay existing ‘debt’.

And a populace who have been brainwashed into ad-infinitum growth.

Blame?   Those who lecture the folk who became economists, for one. Those folks for not questioning what they got told. The politicians, ditto. But mostly….

The media.

What an abysmal failure. I’ve hassled them for a year now – and I’m about to step up the ‘ante’. Senior scribes like John Armstrong, intelligent ones like Claire Trevett, good-hearted ones like Simon Cunliffe. I’ve had a crack at Morning Report, Business, and Afternoons. At Tim Hunter, and Dene MacKenzie.


Is it a case of the king’s new clothes?  All scared to move outside the accepted?

The problem for Key, is the same one Helen Clark found – she mentioned ‘sustainability’, looked at the polls, and never mentioned it again. Key can’t even rock all those middle-New-Zealanders, who aspire to have a  chain of ‘renters’. (How many chiefs can you have to how many indians?)

You have to pander to selfishness, to stay in power. If that doesn’t change, we’re stuffed. We bounce along until oil supply rates decline, and if fiat fiscal systems have survived that long, they fail at that point. 2012-16?

Key – even if he understood the problem (and I doubt that) has no political room to manoeuvre.

How sad. Shame on us. All blindly sold on ‘everyone getting a bargain/coming out better off/ never having felt better/having it all.

Key’s problem is based on the NZ media continuing the brainwash. Goebbels would have been proud. The Fourth Estate underwrites the Sixth Reich.

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