Just another Manic Monday

Here we go again, again. The fishing industry this time. 8000 regulations, we hear from RNZ News. Fancy that! Terrible. How can we tolerate it?  Lets reduce that at once…..

Hmmmmm. How many actually apply to quota, and by-catch?

Not asked!  Fourth Estate?  Spare me. That’s not even amateur.

The bottom line is that fisheries are only one step from no-replacement activities like mining – yes they have a sustainable replacement-time, but even that is not being adhered to. Yes they have a (non) bycatch target, but self-monitoring?

These folk are – to me – proven cowboys (I know more who fudge their catch than who play straight, by a large margin. Actuarial methodology (to say nothing of common sense) says you can pretty safely extrapoate that. On top of that, we have a Minister who is weak enough – or ideologically driven enough – to let the Hoki quota plateau at 30% of original stock numbers.

Where’s the social maturity required to abstain until the intergenerational legacy is back up to natural levels? Missing in action. Read: voting numbers.

Mining is worse, of course. That legacy will vanish physically to China, and fiscally ditto. Our current leaders are alle same Nigeria’s – and that’s what inevitably happens. The resource opened up on the promise of wealth and jobs, the one an illusion, the other transient.

Fat-cats, many offshore, reap the profit, and others situated similarly, reap the actual resource. Comalco/Hugh Watt was a classic example. Nobody lives on the Wanganella now, and we still subsidise the smelter via power prices.

What really happens there, is that a resource is extracted up Cape York way, shipped here, smelted, and shipped away. We count that as an ‘export’! The real equation, balances a few wages with a massive power subsidisation – and we lose overall.

Same with Macraes, which we will have to cope with the toxic residue from, for 200 years plus. Last I heard, we had a paddock of billboards (our Regional Council cunningly let them off the ‘bond’ hook) – sorry,  an art park’, to pay for it.

Bit like Jack swapping the family cow for a few magic beans. And about as intelligent.

And you heard this kind of debate? This kind of appraisal? Nah, you heard the sound of silence.

Rock on.

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