Morning Report no1

Two of you topics today have one underlying issue – that of absolute limits to growth, and our need to address them now.

The Fisheries spokesman who claimed to be constrained by 8000 regulations, was merely a lobbyist spouting spin. Many of those regulations will be to do with lifejackets, radios and vessel surveys.

The real nub of their problen is the limit to the sustainable catch-rate. They plowed into the Chatham Rise crayfish, into Orange Roughy, Hoki, and the rest, all initually at unsustainable rates. Noe their choices are between taking a sustainable quantity of each species, and causing permanend extinction.

The same applies to mining, but more so. This is a non-replenishing resource, thus finite. Any Minister who bases their goals on the one-off extraction of same, is digging a big (very temporary) hole for themselves.

How about we accept that there are finite physical and biosphere limits, and that we owe it to future generations not to rape the whole place just to indulge one generation?


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