John Key – visionless, weak and cranially constrained?

This blog is rapidly looking like a non-stop negative, but what can you say when what is going on is so nuts?

John Key this morning absolutely ducked the possibility of tackling the Japanese with any moral fortitude. We simply can’t upset the fiscal applecart. Well, whoring and immorality were always common bedfellows.

Pete Bethune will be cast to the wolves – methinks it’s time to do some protesting.

Homepaddock is always a Nat litmus-test (too obvious) and she used the word ‘pirate’. Very telling.

Pete is a big boy, and he’s made a big decision. Deserves backing, in my view. One of the sad things – and where the media fail pathetically – is that the whaling issue is exactly the Haiti poverty issue, is exactly the Rwanda issue (population impact, not ‘ethnic cleansing’) is exactly the financial ‘crisis’ (which no economist gets).

Whether it is worth fighting the green rearguard action anymore, os up for discussion. The homepaddocks of this world will ponce along, skiting of their trips and spending, and the cumulative effect will trash the planet. Quickly.

And what does Key do?  Backs a ‘back-room’ support for international pension funds!  What a joke!  That cat already drowned in the bag – the number of wide-eyed baby-boomers who face the future skint, says so. The potential places to invest for increased return, peaked effectively when the supply-rate of energy effectively peaked.

Sure, it can stagger on at existing levels for maybe 5 years – but it won’t be pretty, or happy. The global debt can’t be repaid on what’s left, so we can confidently kiss the existing fiscal system sayonara.

But rather than readying the country for a sustainable future, we are going to grasp for the tail of the bolting horse.

And the sad codicil is that the Labour pretender is looking no better. David Cunliffe would do better if he actually stood for something relevant – heck – if he just stood for something full-stop.


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