Pete Bethune vs Murray McCully – hero vs wet weak

Well done that man. Well and truly done. Pete Bethune is doing what Murray McCully would have been doing – had he any gumption, fortitude or ethics.

Which means I think he has none of the above. For those who want to investigate McCully and his ethics more, I suggest a study of the BNZ, and a certain loasn to XS.

The Wishart book ‘Daylight Robbery’ is a good start.

This goes with the Japanese not only burying the illegal sale of whale-meat, but turning the tables on the exposure to the point of prosecuting the ones doing the exposing.

McCully will be silent – which is tantamount to collusion.

Shame on him – and shame on those bedded down with him – dogs and fleas come to mind.

I was proud of this country once – and it’s moral stand. Now we’re just a harlot.

Well done Pete Bethune – you exemplify all that is great in humanity – putting yourself on the line fore your ideals. There is no greater thing.

I salute you.

p.s.   I stuck the following on the Homepaddock blog – wonder how long it stays?

I was right!  So here’s a copy of my reply – she called Bethune a ‘pirate’. Says it all, as far as the Nats are concerned.

murrayg1 Says:
February 15, 2010 at 9:52 pm

Speaking of mining – I see that Pete Bethune has shown the moral fortitude that Murray McCully seems to lack.

We haven’t come far from the BNZ days, eh Murray?

What’s the old phrase about dogs and fleas?

murrayg1 Says:
February 16, 2010 at 7:48 am


Ah, you’re a long way gone, aren’t you.

Mining of any resource is just that. The only difference with whales, is that they can slowly recover.

I fugured you would wipe the post – so I copied it on my blog. Just remember I only respect people of integrity.

On behalf of my children, that leaves you out.

Which is why the comments about dogs and fleas – if you didn’t support those folk, they wouldn’t exist.

This is not just a tug-of-war between blue and red anymore. This is a species in survive-or-not mode.

I suggest you get your head around that. It will all fall out in the next decade – it can’t take longer.


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