Otago Daily Times – an ‘F’ ?

The following is something I just shot off to the ODT website. You can guarantee it won’t make the light of day in that form – for the reasons it contains!!!!

Thwe John de Bueger opinion piece in the ODT (mentioned) is a cracker – but where was the assimilation with the Loughrey piece?  Ne’er the twain shall meet, maybe?  No comprende?

when is it criminal?


Submitted by murrayg on Mon, 01/03/2010 – 10:30am.

The Mayor, and the Councillors, and Jim Harland, have all had it explained to them, how the energy which underwrites economic activity, is peaking in supply.

This in turn peaks economic ability to repay debt, which means that this is a simple case of intergenerational fraud.

On the basis that ignorance – even more than arrogance – is no excuse, these folk are guilty of that fraud, and I for one have given them enough rope.

I now call their actions criminal.

Mr Loughrey (or those above him who call the shots) is similarly guilty. He was present when Associate Prof Bob Lloyd (Physics) addressed a meeting last year, speaking of growth, energy and what would inevitably happen.

This was serious information which society had a right to debate – and I knew as I listened, that it would be obfuscated. I communicated with Mr Loughrey and a senior ODT persona, but the content of that address never saw the light of day.

Thats Goebbels territory – propaganda by omission.

We shouldn’t have to rely on John de Bueger opinion pieces to raise the subject.

Time someone raised their game.


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