Think Tank ? spare me….

Here we go – more of the same old same old free market nonsense,  The ‘think tank’ report suggest a 5% growth rate for 15 years. This conveniently works out at a doubling, which demonstrates both the simplistic thinking behind the report, and the fact that a new approach is urgently needed.The question is: Can you actually double our present rate of activity, double everyting we do, double our impact on the environment, and if so, for what? To double our consumption rate?

All activity is underwritten by energy – it’s an immutable law of physics – and these folk are in cloud cuckoo land. No way will we, can we, or should we, double everything from this point.

We need to have a debate about growth, and about the mathematics of exponentiality. We need then to ask what our children will thank us for, and reassess our goals in that light.

Bring on that debate.

Well,  that’s what I sent to Morning Report. The problem is that Plunkett – along with most of our media – either doesn’t understand exponential maths, or doesn’t ‘believe’ our world is physically finite, or has a personal need to believe the horseshit.

What are we to double?  The amount of our roads, or the amount of traffic on them? The amount of water we use? Farm land?  Or do we seriously thing we can get double the production off the existing acreage?  No wonder the turkeys want GE – but that won’t get them within a bull’s roar.

Or perhaps we all work twice as hard, or twice as long, or a combination?  No thanks – my values are with friends, family, good social worth, and the activities I enjoy. Call it the difference between working to live (me) and living to work (their approach).

it all won’t get there of course – this is a bankrupt philosophy in both senses of the word. The tragic sadness is that we urgently need to have the debate about ‘where to from here’. Outfits like Morning Report fail us in this regard, which is quite as serious accusation, as the future of our kids is what is at stake. Not just whether they’ll have lattes, but whether they’ll have anything at all.


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