and more snake oil from McCully

McCully says New Zealanders  will be consulted, before June?

Bollocks. In my humble opinion, the man couldn’t lie straight in bed – see previous comments, or read the Wishart book “Daylight Robbery”.

No referendum will be had. They may ‘consult’, but we’ve seen pre-ordained consultation a lot recently. Perhaps it won’t even be that – just an in-house committee of business experts.

This is a regime so morally bankrupt in the fisheries arena, you have to wonder whether Heatley got out for other ethical reasons. (In a previous life, he’d have flown his ME109 into a Scottish Bog).

Don’t hold your breath. The Japanese must be kowtowed to, and we must equivocate, obfuscate, and condone any who obliterate.

Shame on you, McCully. Your place in history is assured, and some of us will ensure it is written.


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