Mixed media weekend

The good the bad, and the downright ignorant, this weekend.

First the good:  Neal Wallace agribusiness editor in the ODT – under the title ‘facing up to global farming reality’. Sat March 6, P25.  No, it’s not the full epithany we still wait for , but it did quote CSIRO Sustainability Agriculture scientist Peter Carberry, from his address to a ‘national agrifood conference in Australia last year, hosted by Agrifood Skills Australia’. (In other words, to a small pond).

And reported that ‘the conference said’ “World hunger was viewed  as a problem of development, distribution and equity of access, and not the ability of the world’s resources to meet global demand, and suggested a re-think of attitude was needed”.

Too true. Chief Reporter asleep, ODT?  Not often that kind of comment makes it through.

Then there’s the nonsense-piece in the Sunday Star-Times – on fuel cells. Unless there has been a major change in chemistry, hydrogen is a vector – a store of energy agreed, but one which requires more energy to make, than it produces out the other end. Sure, it’s an imported article, but it only required 3rd form science to dispute it.


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