Finlay Macdonald on Afternoons – F for failure

This man has a column in the Sunday Star Times.

This man used (I think) to edit the Listener, or was with it.

This man made a statement on Afternoons, so silly, so un-thought-through, that he doesn’t deserve any space whatever, until he gets learned.

He stated that “each generation thinks it’s important, every generation thinks it is the end, and of course it isn’t”.

Of course?

If he thought…… up until the Industrial Revolution, there were so few folk doing things on the planet, and doing so little per-head, that the impact was minimal. Mathematically, yes, in theory they were already past the point of sustainability, but at their rate, we were looking at a few millenia away.

From then on, (not many of his ‘every generations’), we have exponentially expanded in terms of population, consumption, environmental degradation, resource depletion and resultant pollution.

You cannot – not even with a mediocre grasp of maths, claim a status-quo in the face of such an exponential pace of change.

There are cleverer scribes around. Colin James acknowledges that we will never make it to 9 billion on the planet. Presumably, then, he knows why.

I guess Macdonald is right in an irrelevant way – there will be some examples of our species still around beyond 2050 – but nowhere near the number we currently have.

Can’t be.

He needs to read Prof Jaryd Diamond’s COLLAPSE, Prof Albert Bartlett’s “mankinds biggest failure’, and the Club of Rome’s ‘Limits to Growth’. He could also have a wee look at Kenneth Boulding’s Spaceship Earth’, as I did in 1975.

There is no excuse for such an ignorant blurt, Finlay. You may be a nice man, a good father, a contributing citizen, but there’s no excuse for airing such ignorance. You have an obligation to be better informed.


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