Tolley’s continued folly – upping the ante(i).

OK, so she’s the fall-person for the ideology. The sacrificial goat.

Problem is the damage she will do, until she meets the Minotaur.

You know why these folk do this – it’s the same reason J Goebbels, Esq., did it a whiles back. You need to repress thinking, questioning, and (subconsciously) you want not to feel inferior in a cranial sense.

So you pull funding from the Ministry of Education – for which you had no mandate.

Which removes advocacy, and the advancement of ideas.

If she read history – which I doubt – she would know that, even if they had to be careful, and even go underground, thinkers always exist, and for obvious reasons, have a better strike-rate for being correct.

We have to see this as the last rearing of the head of the dying animal.

But that doesn’t make it any less ignorant.

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