Gwynne Dyer – the best?

Folk who know me, know I’ve run out of patience with the media. That – on rare occasions – is too broad a brush, and today’s ODT has a good example of great journalism.

Gwynne Dyer operates under the heading ‘World View’, and I’ve yet to come across a better all-round (living) reporter.

If you miss some of his offerings, or your paper doesn’t print him, he has a web-site (google his name) and all his previous articles are on offer.

I went to his lecture (in theory it was in support of his book ‘Climate Wars’, but that got mentioned as an after after thought. He was there to deliver the message, not to rake in the dosh.

This one is headed: “Giving fish a chance”, and it’s everything perfectly in proportion, perfectly presented. A logical (and presumably very well researched) intellect. He shoots our current MAF policy down as he collaterally deals with Japan and tuna.

This is a resource which is being mismanaged here too – the recently-announced hoki quota increase being a classic example of mathematical myopia. Dyer isn’t enough to change the world on his own, but he’s a bloody good blueprint.

Get thee hence, and do thou likewise, kiwi scribes.


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