Monday tidbits

So Pete Bethune is only being done for trespass. How low-key is that? The Japanese of course need to stage-manage this at home, while not getting ire up here. Meaning a lot of rhetoric, drum-thumping, sabre-rattling and nationalism, but no chance of a long prison sentence giving reign to indignation here.

Notice McCully holding a gag on the Embassy staff ? All referred to the Ministry here – from which a carefully controlled emanation closely resembling censorship.

Leaking Cabinet papers?  Forest and Bird have the line in. I wonder if this is the Nicky Hager source?

Just Listening to Hooton – well-known tout – trying to play it down.Talking about ‘a quarter to a third’ of our land, and ‘more productive than a dairy farm per hectare’. A finite resource vs sustainability?  Horseshit Hooton…

Big winds here the last three days – equinoctial gales are upon us. No sailing, but we showed the Sailing School youngsters the ENZA video, funny to think most of them weren’t born when it happened!


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  1. It is a barely reported fact that the duplicitous Matthew Hooton employs Gerry Brownlee’s son, the lightweight Ed Brownlee, at his lobbying firm. They have been tasked with promoting Big Mining, part of Big Daddy’s plans to make himself some sort of resources tsar when he is inevitably dumped for some other expense claim that comes to light. Follow the money trail. Soon you will see a huge chunk of New Zealand looking exactly like the Pibara region of Western Australia – wrecked beyond repair.

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