Fishing – acting dumb and soon to be gutted

There was a great Gwynne Dyer piece in the ODT (mentioned in an earlier blog) on tuna stocks, and stupidity.

Pretty obviously, the fisherfolk can’t read, or can but can’t think.

They – just like Brownlee and Carter – want to expand their pillaging-grounds.

None are apparently aware of the food-chain implications, they just want a grab at the migratory species ‘just over the horizon’.

The Pied Piper and the joyous land.

The world’s fisheries are collapsing. Period, no argument. In face of this, we get pressured decisions (like the recent Hoki upping) to up the quota take, from a severely depleted base. This is – and it’s delusional – seen as a sustainable take.

Dyer has it right. We’ve been in greedy mode too long, and should do a cold-turkey, wait until the stocks come back up to natural (pre-fishing industry) levels, then take a sustainable rake off the top of that. The irony is that there would be more, forever, under that scenario, than under the present short-sighted approach.

My big question is Heatley – did he fall on his sword for the petty-cash thing, or did he get a good look into the kitchen, and opted for the verandah? Minister of Fisheries must be a pretty thankless job, given the types in the industry, and the realities facing them.


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