Rodney Hide , Auckland, theft, Bruce Jesson

There goes Rodney, puppet-face for theft. It always had to come, scarcity  (scare-city?) was always going to create a scrap over the remaining cash-cows. Essentials like water and food, and local govt services in general, are cash-cows long after discretionary spends go off the radar.

So we put our buddies in the positions that give out the contracts, and that set the charges, and that ultimately set the outfit up to be privatised. With no elected person inconveniently getting in the road.

It was always going to happen. Anyone tracking the timing of the crap-throwing at Winston Peters, and noting that poignant Parnell cup of coffee, had to put the pieces together and expect something. Nobody saw (or at least, nobody wrote of seeing) the Auckland attack, but ‘no privatisation in the first term’, should have given the clue. It was the next-biggest prize, but I reckon these folk are insatiable, greedy and increasingly desperate.

As the late, great Bruce Jesson wrote, though, “Only their purpose is mad”.


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  1. Was there any truth to the rumour that one of the financial backers of the Act Party offered $1,000,000 to whoever could get rid of Winston Peters at the last election? Maybe it is an urban legend??
    With NZ First being opposed to asset sales, no wonder Act / Rodney went after Winston with such a vengeance at the last election.
    We have the people of Epsom to thanks for this.
    Hope they remember all Rodney has done for the country next election and turf him out. Otherwise we can probably expect more tax payer funded holidays for Rodney and his girlfriend, asset sales, unelected officials in charge of Auckland City doing as they please. What’s the bet that Auckland’s assets will end up in the hands of Act Party supporters?

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