A meeting with Labour

Bit late with this – it was a busy week.

Had a meeting with Charles Chauvel, Labours energy spokesman. Present were Hodgson, Parker, Curran, and our session was ‘energy/architects/builders’ by the look of those present. Tim Heath, Richard Wilden, Bill Currie, Tim Bishop, etc.

My apPraisal, is that these folk are humanist (in the way that old Labour was humanist – see ‘Humanism in Politics’, J.T.Paul, interestingly Paul is a predecessor of mine on the ‘commodore’s board’ at the OYC).

They are concerned about Climate Change – and it was very revealing to note that they were the only ones to mention it, everyone else round the circle thinks it’s not the major…..

Scary was the fact that Curren is clearly back in the Rosson era – no grasp at all, and a high opinion of self that reminded me of…..

Scarier, was that Hodgson – a man I have had a deal of time for , and who had been min for energy – didn’t understand Tim Heath’s referral to ’embedded energy’. Folk who read here, will know that it refers to the energy – the one-off  fossil energy in most cases – that has been expended in the construction and maintenance of the building.  It will never be available for anything, again. And is not accounted for in any meaningful way.

Chauvel was ‘listening’, but I don’t think he was thinking.

The one who was listening, and thinking, was David Parker. I would have called him a peak oil denier, a couple of years ago. Not now. He ‘gets it’.  Population, exponential math, the works, I suspect. Not a stupid man, that one. Beats the Cunliffe pontifications (on Interest.co.nz) by a country mile.

As they are, these folk are not the answer, at least, not the answer-in-time.

Maybe nobody is, but it would be good to give it a big heave. C’mon Labour. I know it may be political death, but that just means the public have been brainwashed to an incredible degree. Not surprising  (not having a ‘telly’, I notice these things) but those folk are subject to an incessant, blaring urging to consume, consume, consume. This by a media which has a business model dependent on the same consumption – via advertising revenue.

Which is why folk like me blog, and despair of the media. It was OK in 1980, to just urge them to debate. It’s not enough now, we just ran out of time.

C’mon, what’s left of the left media. It’s not left or right anymore – it’s reality or delusion.

OOps – this was about Labour. Same comment applies….


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  1. Speaking of consuming, I passed a couple of women entering, just as I was just leaving a store earlier today. One said to the other rather enthusiastically, ‘come and look in here; they have all kinds of things you need but you didn’t even know existed’.

    Interesting use of the word ‘need’ I thought.

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