Sunday Star Times – right, left and an airhead

As I’ve said, a busy week and I’m late with this.

Last Sunday’s SST had the usual page (the ODT has something similar on a friday) which has a leftie, a rightie, and an airhead.  The MacDonald stuff is much as I see Labour (see previous blog) and reminds my a lot of the Peter Stewart days – humanism rather than realism.

The McLeod waffle predictably went for the Womens Day take (the ODT actually don’t do an airhead, they do something called ‘Faith and Reason’ – the oxymoron of all time) and requires no more thought. Except that Simon Cunliffe, before he complains of bloggers, should realise that she is ‘mainstream media’ these days.

The classic was Laws – he of the little …….everything, one presumes. There went all the talk-back, tabloid, rabble-rousing key words. Communist, for heaven’s sake (so he must think he is being read by a cold-war demographic) and all the other hysterical ranting. Goebbels would have been so proud. It’s not that there are people like Michael Laws in the world that is a worry, it’s when the populace accept being harangued by them, and when editors think it is legitimate to give them column-inches (to make up for others?) and/or airtime.

They all should have been listening to Kim Hill this morning, and particularly to the emailed comments she read out. Clearly, the thinking end of the populace is ahead of our leftie, our rightie, and our airhead. Hell, it’s clearly ahead of Hill – or at least, ahead of what she dares address. Unless she is being very clever, and letting the cat out by addressing the holes in the hessian….


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