bluefin tuna – Who put this pressure on?

Little NZPA article high on a left-hand page of the ODT – but at least it was there. We are doubling our take of tuna – but only for one year? – as we increase our area.

This is a species hunted to collapse, and the lessons of halibut et al are there for any Ministry people to study.

So who stood to gain from such a piece of demonstrable nonsense?  The NZ fishing industry (and/or its overseas consortium partners) and the eventual market – Japan.

Nobody else. So that’s where the pressure cam from. The $64,000 question, is : did the pressure come via Cabinet, or directly?

Either way, who’s up who, and who’s paying?  This is classic overriding of ethics, science and sense, and must be seen as unacceptable. It goes with the Hoki increase, and there will be more before we are finished. Note that the head hunted new Auckland transition boss, is an ex-Sealord chappie. It’s a small world.


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