off the oil drum – worth spreading, this one…..

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Who you are is who you think you are. Time is our personal accounting, our narrative of our experience. Try to figure out when you hear your footfall in the dry grass. Always past tense. So, ego, our personal accounting, gives us the notion of sequential events and that is what we call time, only a construct that comes from our head. Without a personal log, the notion of passing time becomes more difficult, when we die, the clock quits ticking. But, because we are biological, time is marked for us, by at least the beating of our hearts, a past tense sequence (we do after all call the heart “the ticker”). Because I am biological I can’t step out of time.

So, the really rich guy who dropped dead last week no longer has a beating heart and is now just rotting biological matter. The nice car, nice house, big bank account means nothing to him, because he’s gone, although his heirs appreciate his industry while among the living. Make a list of what and who you are. Take your time, write down everything, your whole life’s history, all the detail you can recall. You’ll fill up a dozen legal pads. When you’ve got all you can, put it on the shelf for six months and forget it. When you reread your history, your accounting of your life, you will likely be struck by the fact that you are nothing but a past tense description. You’re just words, and they mean nothing for the right now, no reality, just past tense description. All that you are is “right now” and that little bit of you is instantly past tense. You will never again be intimidated, awed, or flummoxed by an over achiever. Set your pads on fire and watch them burn. Now, you’ll be free to dance how ever you like, whatever the tune.

If making money is what rings your bell, go for it. If you’d rather garden, be a gardener, or a writer, or a farmer, or a shoemaker, or a seamstress.

Lots of folks aren’t happy because they never figure out what it is that they want to be (the source of status conflict). Once you’ve got it figured, it’s easy, but, you’ve got to get it first. And, you have to understand the trap that ego can be. To waste one’s life with meaningless pursuit for the cause of status, or ego, is tragedy. Best from the Fremont where last fall’s manure is thawing in the pastures.

Of course, there’s a couple of problems with this. Not enough material for all who want to get rich, for one…

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