The difference, again?

This is from the lifted item below, but I thought it needed to be set alone. Think about it carefully. Cognitive dissonance, anyone? Surely, the second description is exactly what we all expect from peak oil….

The DoE dismisses the “peak oil” theory, which assumes that world crude oil production should irreversibly decrease in a nearby future, in want of suffisant fresh oil reserves yet to be exploited. The Obama administration of Energy supports the alternative hypothesis of an “undulating plateau”. Lauren Mayne, responsible for liquid fuel prospects at the DoE, explains : “Once maximum world oil production is reached, that level will be approximately maintained for several years thereafter, creating an undulating plateau. After this plateau period, production will experience a decline.”


One Response

  1. They’re just being annoying. One of my friends in high school, who had a knack for annoying both other students as well as teachers, used to say things like that. It made people want to punch him.

    Of secondary importance is possibly the shape at the top of the curve, and since that’s quite possibly where we are right now many people are interested in this part.

    Mentioning we’re possibly in a decline now is also bad PR.

    In 100 years people won’t care about the slight wiggles at the top.

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