an Easter Bunny – Obama and oil.

When should we release this, boys?  We can’t have it examined too closely. Can’t have any facts surfacing, no realities. When will the most numerically-savvy reporters be out of action?  Ah, Easter…..

Right boys. lets not mention the inconvenient fact that our oil supply peaked in 1970, and has decline every year since. Let’s not get Matt Simmons involved, and lets not mention Iraq. Just rely on the fact that this is Easter, and issue a statement for bunnies.

I know – let’s steal a quote from a well-known bunny – it’ll sound smart because there are three words rather than two – let’s go with ‘drill baby drill’. It fits with ‘mine baby mine’, and with luck, we may just squeeek our way through my term. It doesn’t matter if things turn to custard in my second – I’ll go down in history long after the hiatus is dissociated from my firstness.

Must get in touch with my equally morally-bankrupt buddy downunder. Gerry, hello Gerry – how goes it? Does your wife dig those silly vege patches too? Wrong kinda growth, eh Gerry?  Hey, you know the difference between Kan Tan and Kowtow?  It’s the difference between Murray McCully and you Ger. Haha. Get it?  Ger?   Ger?

Bugger, their telecom musta fallen over again. Should tell them to get the BNZ to fund XS to buy it out, chuck that Pommie geezer out, and make something happen. Heck, must have a spare exec or two around here – Stephen? Stephen? Where are you? Gotta job for you….


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