from me to Nine-to-noon ……bet nothing changes.

my comment in ‘’ re your Prebble interview.

powerdownkiwi Says:
April 7th, 2010 at 12:06 pm

That contrasts with the Nine-to-noon interview of the other Prebble – touting growth. No query from the lady at all. Not a blip. Who researches for these interviewers?

We are into conservation land now, rivers and mines and grazing – we for sure voted to keep on catching bluefin tuna (well, hell, there’s money in it, what do you expect?), and everywhere you look, there’s competition for land-use and water.

Welcome to the last doubling – but when, oh when, will someone in the media tackle it head on?

Intergenerational debt is a good start, but the debt is so much more than fiscal, makes you weep.

Bah humbug.

do you still not understand about growth and ‘doubling time’ ?

It’s what is happening now.

It’s why fiscal systems froze, and will crash.

It’s why half the planet is being dug, drilled, mined, sucked and wasted.

Cannae you see the big picture?

Never let a comment assuming growth to be good, go unchallenged. Not until the planet is declared infinite, at least.

Infinite growth needs an infinite planet – which would have to be flat. Appropriate, really. Describes the level of thinking required to accept it….

Get it together, please. On behalf of my kids (and presumably yours) we are out of time.

Murray Grimwood

co-chair, Solar Action.


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