Nick Smith aquaculture – of dogs and fleas

Nick Smith is the failure of this Government. The others – Key, English, Groser, McCully and Brownlee, are idealogues, narrow, dumb and arrogant, in whole or part. A bit like religious zealots, in my humble opinion, and about as pointless debating with them.

Smith, though, KNOWS better. He knows about environmental impact, probably knows about absolute limits, and about the absolutely bankrupt (and there are more ways of being bankrupt than fiscally) nature of the current approach. He’s chosen sleaze, over moral.

Shame, Nick. Sure, you’re not alone, sure it’s populist, but it’s a doomed approach, a doomed culture (if you can call it that) and a doomed piece of maths. The funny (not) thing is that the aquaculture, dams and mining can’t all happen – everyone else on the planet is trying the same exponential stunt – and the oil (which drives the diggers, boats, trucks) has peaked in flow rate.

You know that. I asked you the question, and your answer said so. You absolutely know that.

But you continue to advocate an increased rate of resource-depletion. Aquaculture may have some merit – but only if you relinquish something out of the biota/food-chain – this approach is as cranially-deficient as the Japanese re Bluefin Tuna and whales (they eat the fish we need???)

I challenge you:  where does the energy (it’s all about energy, all eating and food-chaining) come from in your increased aquaculture?  It’s a finite system – where are you robbing it from?

I suggest you have – with enough knowledge to do otherwise – chosen to lay down with dogs. I have no sympathy if the itch becomes unbearable.

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