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[-] [new] Paleocon on April 8, 2010 – 10:14am Permalink | Subthread | Parent | Comments top

No, it was first and foremost a failure of procreation. Failure to manage populations at a sustainable level is the common root of resource-driven collapses.

[-] [new] HARM on April 8, 2010 – 2:09pm Permalink | Subthread | Parent | Comments top

Ding-ding-ding!!! Paleocon wins the prize!

The earth itself is an “island” (closed-loop finite system). Of course rate of consumption also matters, but it’s doubtful –aside from their proclivity for erecting stone heads– consumption was that much of a factor for a stone age society.

[-] [new] step back on April 8, 2010 – 4:35pm Permalink | Subthread | Parent | Comments top

The earth itself is an “island”

That is indeed a frightening notion.

Easter Island was not only isolated in a geographic sense but also isolated in a communications / group think sense.

Once a particular meme or framed view of the world took root on Easter Island, there was no external counter thought to oppose it. It became the unopposed dominant way of thinking.

Perhaps it went something like this:

“If we build them (the Moaia Heads) then the Invisible and Benevolent Hand of the Trade Winds God will reach down and save us just as it is told in our history stories that The Invisible Hand Hath done time and again. History repeats itself. We know this because our wise and unquestionably honorable elders say so. No one says otherwise. Therefore we must cut down more trees and fashion more Idol Heads. The non-negotiable life style that is ours demands this and no other course of action.”

Now if we scale that notion up to a global market view of the world, it kind of gets scary.

The American Dream model appears to have become the Dominant World Meme and it is opposed essentially by no counter meme. Everyone wants the Good Life as portrayed by Madison Avenue Info-tisements.

One billion Chinese want a car in every driveway and a beef/ox stew simmering in every home.
One billion Indians want a car in every driveway and a, well make that a vegetarian Tofu dish, simmering in every home.

In that sense, the Earth has indeed become one (Easter-like) Island. Scary.


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