a grumpy week

Not much posted this week – it’s been a grumpy one for me!  Partly my better half away, so no unwinding/soundingboard, partly flat-out doing things for others and round here.

And the grump?

National going into high gear. That’s the grump. “No privatising in the first election cycle”?  Bollocks. We’ve just seen ECAN demolished to make way for privatising of water, Auckland de-democratised for business to get their hands on …..water… the FSA tucked under the wing, the Japanese kowtowed to, and Key making a speech at a nuclear gathering which only mentioned trade…

Either these folk know what they are doing, and are cynically thieving the commonwealth (the wealth of the commons) from the rest of us, or they’re an ideology gone mad.

Or both.

It probably is a combination. Some will have done the research about resource depletion, and/or instinctively operate in a way that takes it into account. Others probably buy in to the mantra that all you need is money, and that if you make enough, all problems can be bought off. I often think – wryly – that the rise of this neo-religion paralleled the rise of media advertising of the sex trade.

The two go – sorry about this – hand in hand, both are prostitution on a ‘how much’? basis.

This is like watching the fellow running along the carriage, as the tunnel approaches. Watching the free marketeers applying the gas, even as it peters out. Which will win?


Our kids will inherit a planet in a mess, less room to manoeuvre doing it, and a whole lot on nonsense infrastructure to do it with.

Sorry kids…


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