Otago Daily Times – mining – not quite, folks

The Otago Daily Times have recently run a series on mining. Presumably they thought it was balanced, presumably they thought it was big-picture.

It was, predictably, neither.

The heading gave it away – Good as Gold.

I have just sent a ‘letter to the editor’, pointing out that when your caption is your anticipated answer, you’ve got the cart in front.

Interestingly, during the series, 40,000 people marched in Auckland. Below, in the brackets, is the sum total of the ODT’s coverage

(                              )

Absolutely unacceptable, presuming your thing is journalism.

Then there is the lack of ascertaining who Brownlee’s son works for, and what he does (Matthew Hooten and mining lobbying). Also, the piece destined for Conservation Estate, which got ‘kept out’, and is going to be lignite-to-fuel, with ‘2700  jobs’, up St Bathans way.

No mention of ERoEI, or of exponential growth, or even of whether Business as Usual is capable of maintenance in such a paradigm (it isn’t).

I’d urged the ODT to have the debate, and ‘big picture, if you please’. They didn’t get to the debate, and were a mile from the big picture.

Kevin Rudd should have been mentioned, too. He understands that resources are all there is, at the end of the day. Given his approach, he obviously understands that the end of the day is close – which puts him light years ahead of our bunch.

Murray Kirkness must have allocated a fair bit of reportorial time to this, and perhaps he genuinely thought he was giving it the heave.

We must remember, that he was appointed firstly because he demonstrated an ability to increase hick-town circulation. That say a lot (which we already knew, of course) about Julian Smith, but it does not an Editor make.

Perhaps I am being too harsh. None who went before, did any better. Middle class men, all. Blind? Religious? in Denial? Fear? Arrogance? Ignorance?

Or a combo?

Predictable. Sad, but predictable. We’re going to fail. In part, because of folk in places like the ODT.

Sad. Sorry kids – mine and theirs.


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