Thursday thoughts

Well, it’s been an interesting few days…

Gillard – she clearly knows about limits, growth, and population. She also clearly knows that to push the knowledge, would be to alienate the voting populace. So much selfish, unthinking, hip-pocket voting. Maybe democracy is now inappropriate, given the lack of lead-times left.

Cunliffe (David) – the nonsense continues: “Come on Bill, where’s the plan for exports and growth”?  (Morning Report) Come on David – if the whole western world is in debt, the G20 agree to reduce debt, think about it. They’re all going to try exporting – to??????  Then there’s the little problem of that debt, the lead-times, and peak energy flows. Growth, David? Prove that it can be so, or get out and let someone in who knows what is going on. Nothing personal, but we are out of time for change. You aren’t offering that.

Power, Simon – I’ve never voted National, and probably never will. That man’s gesture, though, and his expounded thoughts as he is being interviewed on Nine-to-Noon, make him an impressive man, in my book. Maybe he and David Parker should co-opt Jeanette Fitzsimmons, and put a party together. An intelligent stab at leadership toward sustainability.

Dick Smith – wasn’t that buried/ignored here. Great, insightful man – just not the message we want to hear….

The Euro – wow!  What happens now?  There was never any chance that the debt would be addressed, the sheer numbers racked up 2000 – 2007/8, couldn’t be. Not any more. Add China’s real estate bubble, and there’s nobody to sell to. Ha. I could have told you this would happen, and used to raise it as an issue at the old County Council. Which means before ’89. – interesting wee discussion yesterday there (top 10 at 10) there are clearly a lot of folk who don’t want to have a bar of the ‘end of possible growth’. You assume that they have liabilities which require growth to continue, to continue. Sad, really, but  – and isn’t an ironical phrase in the circumstances – caveat emptor!  We told you this was and would happen. You just chose (or were too arrogant ?) to listen.

It would be a good PhD subject – the personal insecurity which drives most folk to strive for ‘more’, rather that addressing that insecurity in the first place. Billy Joel called it “sleeping in your own space” and that “either way, you wake up with yourself”. That isn’t “you wake up with your assets defining you”. The difference is telling.

I’m off out to chop some wood, check the chooks, throw a ball for the dog. Shift the goat, chop some more wood, throw the ball again. And again. Come in for coffee at intervals. When I feel like I’ve done enough, I might reward myself by working on the tandem. The sun is shining, the conscience is clear, and stress appears to be entirely absent.

It could be a lot worse!!!


Ishmael’s new home

For friends and family, an Ishmael update. After trekking around the Pacific on Evohe, tracking and backing the Waka fleet (see: he’s jumped ship. Now on a superyacht (owned by the underwriter of the waka enterprise) called Foftein 11.

At present in Tonga.

So there goes a young man named after a schooner his old man stayed on, which was named after the lead character of Moby Dick “Call me Ishmael”.  He spent his 12th year afloat full-time, but the boat (google: Seawind 24) was a far cry from Foftein 11.

Bother, but I guess the boats are there, and someone has to use them……

me to Morning Report thursday

It occurs to me that we may already be seeing the results of sub-national-standard maths teaching. Big-number statistics always result in a bell-curve, the left-hand end of which looks suspiciously like Anne Tolleys’ ‘Long Tail’. Whether the mass of pupils are raised or lowered in their achievement-per-year, there will always be the same bell-curve, and the same tail. Unless of course ‘Three Strikes And You’re Out’ is going to be introduced in Year 4.

Dick Smith – a sane voice (from sunshinecoastdaily – good on ’em!)

‘Economy doesn’t depend on growth’

29th June 2010

MULTI-millionaire Dick Smith may have made a fortune from growth but he intends using the money to argue the case for an economy that does not depend on it.Dick Smith.


ELECTRONICS multi-millionaire Dick Smith may have made a fortune from growth but he intends using the money to argue the case for an economy that does not depend on it.

He told the Daily he remained very positive that business could prosper without growth, though acknowledged it would be a harder way to make money.

He has committed $1 million, to be awarded to the person under 25 who could design a sustainability plan for Australia.

It is called the Wilbur Wilberforce Award in recognition that the world’s economies didn’t collapse as predicted with the abolition of slavery.

Mr Smith said despite similar claims being made about the impact a no-growth policy would have on our economy, the world needed to find a new way forward that didn’t require the accelerated consumption of finite resources.

Smith was galvanised to act by a phone call from his daughter during the Copenhagen climate change summit saying that population was the “elephant in the room” that was not being discussed.

Smith has spent much of the past six months producing a documentary on the issue to be shown on ABC on August 19.

He says politicians were making no linkage between the lack of water of our future ability to feed a massively increased population.

Beyond a population of 26 million, Mr Smith is convinced Australia would struggle to produce sufficient food.

And this, from the Sydney Morning Herald:

from the oil drum – a good read

Here’s an excerpt from one of the comments – just tickled this old sailor’s fancy. The article os well worth the read, though. Absolutely on the money.

Judging by your screen name you are a fellow sailor. Greetings. Methinks we are going to have to “go to weather” for quite a while. Lash everything down and prepare for an uncomfortable ride against a lee shore where most of our effort will be spent on just trying to stay off the rocks. Little forward progress will be made and there is no hope of “cutting and running”. Mind you, I have lost the nautical analogy there because the original term referred to cutting the anchor line. We unfortunately are not anchored and cannot run, even as the storm intensifies. We have to go forward.

now this……..makes you think

sure, it’s created to create an effect – but look at it as a big picture…..

Julia Gillard Kevin Rudd – a move towards?