My day

It’s 2.3 degrees outside. I look out, and think of doing the rest of the chook-pen (we’ve recently added 5 brown shavers to our 3 mottly crosses, ex-battery shaver and rooster)  but suspect the fingers would loose feeling. We’ll write until the sun breaks through. At least, I’ll write. Zeb will assist. Hitting the paws key at random intervals, by way of reminding me he’s still here, and that I’ve not turned on the sun yet. A deficient master.

Indoor projects are mounting a couple of speakers in the conservatory, cleaning the solar windows, and working on the tandem bike. Stress doesn’t seen to be a factor in any of those, so all good!


2 Responses

  1. How can you work on bikes in this cold? I went to lube up a chain yesterday and my bottle of lubricant (the blue stuff with teflon in it) had gone solid.

    Are these horn speakers BTW? 🙂

  2. I’ve heard rumors of a solar cooker, of dish shape? Indoor projects amount!

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