Obama the Weak

Had he been an ancient English king, that would have been his label. This man had the hopes of many riding on his lofty shoulders – and so far it’s been a steady let-down. This is the man (if he runs two terms) who will have to have the fireside chat: the one about lack of opportunity for perpetual growth, the need to live within the parameters our species needs to continue procreating, the one about setting up a new fiscal and social system.

So far, he chose Easter thursday to announce a lifting of offshore drilling, and it’s come back to bite him in the arse. The problem is that the announcement and it’s removal, only suggest that he’s missing the point.

Or that he cannot address the point, without going the way Jimmy Carter went. Maybe that is it – the crowd are too ignorant (half of them are god ? fearing, after all) and/or too selfish, to acknowledge the need for change. The problem with that, is that a year procrastinating now, does many times the damage a year’s procrastination would have when I was born. Exponential ramping of all activities, by exponentially more people, using more powerful machinery, and more machines per head, does that.

Each year is exponentially more precious now. The deniers, the business folk (many of whom who can’t survive without the ego-boost of their income status – how sad not to be comfortable with yourself!) the economists (who have taken over the societal role of high priests) and the media, who (whether through personal denial,  personal ignorance, or personal following of belief) report the aforementioned, have wasted our best opportunity years.

Each one they waste from here on in, is a bigger transgression. Obama, leader of the largest consumer (by a factor of 4 recently, heading for 3) on the planet, has the biggest obligation.

And thus, is the biggest failure. His problem is starkly simple, and requires no more that 3rd form science, to grasp. You need energy to do work – essentially a straight-line relationship. Oil is the key, it may be less than 50% of total energy consumption, but is the most compact, the most energy-intensive. Read: was. We’ve cherry-picked the best, now there’s just the rest.

If work is economic activity, and it requires the growing extraction/use of resources to live the way we do, we require growing amounts of energy. Read: oil.

Crude oil supplies have failed to top their 2005 extraction rates – 5 years on. Pretty compelling. “All Liquids’ (oil, biofuels, coal-to-oil, shale etc) has bounced along, and combined, just pipped the 2005 crude figure, for a blip in 2008. Never again.

So we do less work from here on, and less and less, year on year. The Obama conundrum. Jimmy Carter gave it a serious crack, and had time on his side. He, like the Club of Rome’s predictions (only reinforced with every ten-year update) has been scorned, thus discounted, and (by some twisted cranial association which may be the Achilles heel of personkind) therefore disproved????????

We need a world leader to say it like it is. It doesn’t look like it will be Obama, and I can’t see Palin managing the cranial phase-shift.

Bunker-time?    Exponential math says so, and says so before 2020. Bother, I could get to see it…..


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