Julia Gillard – now that I’ve thought about it a little….

I started to splurge when she took over, then decided to wait, watch, and think.

This is a woman who is non-religious, so she doesn’t have that (socially criminal?) mind-set that there is some greater deity backing anything we decide to do. Particularly the one which urges folk to ‘go forth and multiply’, maybe relevant advice about AD 400, but not for the recent 50 years.

This is a woman who doesn’t buy the ‘Bigger Australia”, and I suspect, one who understands that from here on, ‘aid’ is a waste of time. There are simply 3 times too many people on the planet, and several billion have to perish. Of course it won’t be pretty. Of course, each one is an ‘individual’. So are each of the mice in the current Australian plague. All individual – doesn’t make them not a species in plague numbers, won’t stop them dying-off. She knows that refugees are not a help. She knows (but is soft-pedalling it for vote-needing reasons) that the current Aussie population need to do the 2-or-less thing.

This is a woman who mentioned (absolutely un-picked-up by the australasian media – talk about missed the bus) for the first time from an Aussie PM, “finite resources”. It was in announcing the mining deal, and in reference to Aussies deserving wealth from them. Nonetheless, there it was.

Compare that to our own esteemed mediocrity today: “Chinese growth is explosive”. Well, I guess you could call it that, but I’m guessing that wasn’t what he meant…..

She’s got it, then, and is in the best position to do something about it.

My guess is she won’t be able to. When/if the unpalatable facts are presented to the populace, they will vote the messenger into oblivion. In an attempt to create the reality they wish for, presumably.

Interestingly, though, if she stays for a term, she’ll be in the thick of the problem. It’s here, now. More and more the predictions of us energy-types are looking about right.

We are unsurprised, and you’ll be able to spot us…… we’ll be the ones with our togs on, when the tide goes out.

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  1. Personally, I’m concerned my Speedo’s won’t survive the Tsunami… Great article!.

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