Pete Bethune – a kiwi hero.

Sometimes you feel really humbled. Really outclassed. I think I put a fair bit on the line, from time to time, but Pete Bethune takes your breath away. That’s commitment.

I loved his comments (heard them on Checkpoint) about Murray McCully and John Key. I’d have added that they can’t do what they do without sycophants like Ludemann, either.

The sad thing is perhaps, that the time to have won the eco war was twenty years ago – I suspect we’re in a vortex of too-many-people-surviving-for-the-day, and from here on, the resources of the planet are just going to get trashed. Whether the whaling issue is a biggie, is a moot point. I suspect a global war, or series of wars over resources.

Meantime, Key and McCully are ideologically driven to sell off the social infrastructure, and (as history since 1984 has shown) this will end up in overseas hands.

So, was Bethune’s effort worth it? Of course. Any human who stands up for something they sincerely believe in, and puts themselves on the line to the extent he did, are to be revered.

Probably, he will be remembered in folklore long after Key and McCully have become ‘Who?’

He described, decried and derided their missing-in-actionness very clearly – more clearly than any of the NZ media, an interesting point.

Well done Pete. You’re a great kiwi. One of the best. Don’t let anyone say otherwise.


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