mining and quick thoughts

so Gerry Brownlee has lost. I suspect the Cabinet was split, and I’m guessing that particular Cabinet went the way it did through self-preservation, rather than a new-found ethical epithany. That’s not the big question, though.

From now on, they will try for their ‘economic growth’ nirvana via anything they can grasp. Aquaculture comes to mind – plus selling things off (both Government assets and local land/shares/infrastructure) plus any other mining, and screwing down the average income.

None of which will, or can, work.

Clearly now, five years past peak (light sweet crude) oil, and two years past (all liquids) peak energy supply rate, the chances of growing are diminishing. Existing  infrastructure ages year-by-year now, and replacement/maintenance becomes a bigger demand on the depleting supply, as does rising demand.

Which leaves less for green (joke) fields developments. So great is the graphical difference, that they don’t get to repay the current debt.

I watch, and comment, on, quite a bit – and quite a few of the commentors there get it. Bernard Hickey doesn’t – he gets what is happening but through polaroids , through economic dogma. Still thinks the percentage of Govt spending makes a difference. Of course it does – to the relative size of two doomed deckchairs.

I wonder if we’ll ever get to the real debate- the one where energy, if it drives everything economic (it does) is the limiting factor to possible cumulative wealth. Maybe the media duck it because they, jointly and severally, are mortgaged. Or are parents. Or are owned by Business Roundtable types, who put hick-town circulation managers into positions (like Editor) where dissemination of truth (something entirely different)  is expected.

Ah well, sleep beckons. Had to locate and fix the line this goes down, today. Somewhat ironical – they were putting through the national fibre-optic link, dislodges a rock, and it took out our fence. Along which our phone line is cable-tied.  I suggested hacksawing into the fibre-optic link, but enthusiasm appeared muted. As was our 600 metres of dial-up copper.

oh well


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