Hampden visit, and progress in home heating.

We had a good weekend. The Hampden crowd came down in a bus, and toured three sustainable homes (we know one of the others). The house did it’s thing, despite being 2 and a half days into no-sun. Mellow it was, and as we’ve noted before, folk just rock right in here and make themselves at home.

We’d identified that our double-glazing was actually ‘chilling’ – air was travelling down it’s inside face, getting colder as it went, and by travelling, was increasing the rate of transfer.

So, Jennie sewed some Roman blinds, and we screwed up some pulleys and eyelets in appropriate places. What a diffo. That went with doubling up on the the existing thermal drapes, particularly the two-storey tall bay window.

The house feels deader, more inert, quieter, stiller, choose you metaphor. Now, after yet another sunless and chill-factor filled day, we’re sitting on 20deg, at 9pm. It’ll do.

The group were great – all good folk, and one or two I’d like to get to know better. Good questions too. I think the thing that scared me was the average age – are we the band who are going to change the world?  They showed no inclination to leave, and inevitably I thought of a whole lot of things to say as soon as they’d gone.

Good to have a bunch of similar minds for a change, though. I’ve spent a wee bit too much time lately pushing the fight into hostile territory. Nice to agree rather than debate each point. Nice to have folk who move in sync with your thought-train. Pity the weather wasn’t better – we could have toured the place!

It tells you how much there is to do, and how little time to do it. If we are the spearhead, we are hellish late, and hellish few.

Make sure you make your submissions to the Energy Strategy and the EECA review. I sense they are being overlooked by the mainstream media. Out of ignorance rather than arrogance, probably. Give ’em a nudge.


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  1. I looked up EECA review to find out what this is. It lead me to http://www.eeca.govt.nz/node/8977 where you can download the household energy affordability review. Cool I thought, but (and it sums up everything in this world), when you click on it it’s broken (page not found).

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