ODT miss the bus = and a few thoughts.

An Editorial to-day on Iraq, withdrawal therefrom. Not a bad stab, most of it. Queried why the US stayed so long……… Simple, and the key was a page further on………. the oil rights that China was about to get before the invasion, (up to 12 mbpd, so they say, but let’s say 6 mbpd) have now been let. Why stay longer. No mention that the Bush (oil man) Cheney (oil man) invasion was about oil.

Then – ironically alongside a bolder heading about corporates signing up to the stadium – they note that Dr Susan Krumdiek is to evaluate the impact of peak oil on Dunedin, for the DCC. An acting transport person was interviewed.

ODT – get it together. There is no debt repayment, no neurosurgery, no nothing, without energy. This isn’t about transport – at least, not alone. This is about everything. Infrastructure, food…….

The lack of reality, make that relativity, is staggering. It’s three years since I went in there in person. Gave Dene McKenzie the Deffeyes book, waited. Nothing. Nada, zilch.

And I mentioned here the Dunedin Forum, how the owner (Julian Smith) was there, and a reporter (Loughrey) and between the following brackets, is the reportage of Bob Lloyd’s presentation.

(         )

Media?  Hmmmmmm. Don’t get it, or don’t want to get it?  But, Mr Kirkness, as I’ve said to you before, you are meant to be about purveying the truth. Cognitive dissonance and/or religious slewing, have no place in that.


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