Dunedin City Council – dyslexia?

You have to wonder.

The ODT has a small piece on Dr Susan Krumdiek studying ‘Peak Oil” for the DCC.

Then it has a piece about which Councillor voted for what. Including a quote from Athol Stevens (chief financial controller) that they won’t get their ‘heads above water’ until 2019.

I, and others like Solar Action and Sustainable Dunedin, have been making representations for years now, pointing out that energy represents the ability to generate wealth – no energy, no wealth. Check? Ask yourself what economic activity happens without energy. There’s none.

We pointed out that beyond peak energy flow, there would be a reducing ability to repay debt. That meant ratepayer debt. They never got it.

Worse, the reportage of those submissions, despite chivvying from several of us, is contained within the following brackets ( ).

Meaning the debate has been with-held from the public.


Now, we have to vote out the folk who voted to incur the debt. Get rid of Chin, Guest, and Co.

They’re simply from a bygone era.

And we have to have a wee think about our media too.



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